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2012/2013 Banana Boat Coupons

As 2012 nears a close we’ve been updating our coupons to find how you can continue to save money throughout the rest of 2012 and into the 2013 season. You can bet that we will of course have continued updates as we move into 2013, but here’s some tips & tricks to get banana boat coupons now.

The first place we always recommend is going straight to the horse’s mouth. That is, check Banana Boat’s official website and also make sure to sign up for their email newsletter. You will periodically get emails about coupons, promotions and special discounts so be sure to give a valid email that you check often so you don’t miss out on any good deals! Along this same line of thinking you should also check out Banana Boat’s parent company, Playtex. As of the writing of this article the Playtex store is down or experiencing difficulties, but when it is up you can find some pretty awesome deals. As always you should be aware of and using deals sites such as RetailMeNot and always check prices from online stores like Amazon before you run out and potentially waste money at higher priced convenience stores!